freestanding figure, fabrics, 175x50cm

Christine Fausten was born in Düsseldorf.
From 1992-1997 she graduated in painting at
the Academy of arts in her hometown with
Prof. Gotthard Graubner.
The artist exhibits regulary in Germany and
Switzerland and showed her art work as well
in Italy, Serbia and Japan.

Fausten is a crossover artist and stands out by
her multifarious work of art.
She paints, sings, draws, sews, creates
sculptures and plays the accordion.

Layer by layer the artist builts up her works.
With different materials, for example garments,
feathers, shells, toys, cord or wire she creates
animal like figures. These fancy sculptures
half human half animal are delightful as well
as mystical for the observer.
Paintings, drawings, figures and objects are
standing in a closely relationship to each other.
From time to time Christine Fausten involves
performances with music, songs and recitations
in her exhibition openings.
Those interdisciplinary art events melt into
a high spirit adventure of live.