freestanding figure, fabrics, 175x50cm, 2013

Christine Fausten was born in Düsseldorf.
From 1992-1997 she graduated in painting at
the Academy of arts in her hometown with
Prof. Gotthard Graubner.
The artist exhibits regulary in Germany and
Switzerland and showed her art work as well
in France, Italy, Serbia and Japan.

Fausten is a crossover artist and stands out by
her multifarious work of art.
She paints, sings, draws, sews, creates
sculptures and plays the accordion.

Layer by layer the artist builts up her works.
With different materials, for example garments,
feathers, shells, toys, cord or wire she creates
animal like figures. These fancy sculptures
half human half animal are delightful as well
as mystical for the observer.
Paintings, drawings, figures and objects are
standing in a closely relationship to each other.
From time to time Christine Fausten involves
performances with music, songs and recitations
in her exhibition openings.
Those interdisciplinary art events melt into
a high spirit adventure of live.

1981-83 Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf
Education as make up artist
1984-91 Theater engagements in Düsseldorf, Köln
Hamburg, Detmold
1992-97 Academy of Arts (Kunstakademie) Düsseldorf, Germany
Graduation in Painting Studies with Prof. Gotthard Graubner
2001-04 Academy of Music Basel, Musicpedagogycs
lives and works in Basel and Burg, Switzerland

Catalogue & project promotion:

Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt 2021
Projektbeitrag "ich träume von innen und aussen"
in)(between Kultur-Basel and Kulturelles-Baselland 2010
Gertrud Schlatter/Hanni Pfister/Art
et Santé Genève-Foundation, GSBK/SSFA 2000
Emil und Rosa Richterich-Beck Foundation,
Collection Ricola, Laufen
University Psychiatric Clinics Basel
Cultural Center Stevan Mokranjac Serbia

Exhibitions (S) Solo (G) Groupshow
2022 Regionale 23
Japan, Taguchi Gallery in Gifu
Kunsthaus Zug, musical accompaniment
to the reading Mein Heraklit
from Paul Good and Stefan Steiner

Trier, OPENING international sound-art festival
Kunsthalle Trier, Intermezzo concert in the exhibition AHOI
2021 Künstlerloge Ratingen (S)
Museo Delle Donne Meran Italy (G)
Kunstverein Weil am Rhein
with Takakazu Takeuchi

Regionale 21, FABRIKculture Hegenheim, France (G)
Tokyo/Japan Gallery DIEGO (S)
Nagoya/Japan Gallery Laura, Junko Momiyama (S)
Kunstverein Brühl (S)
Frauenmuseum Bonn (G)

Kunstmuseum Chur (G) Switzerland
Foyer UPK Basel (S) Switzerland
Cologne, International Photoscene Festival
Petersburger Art Space (G) Germany
Gallery amschatzhaus (S)

Galerie im Stammelbach-Speicher, Hildesheim (S) Germany
Frauenmuseum Bonn (G) Germany
Kunstverein Trier (S) Germany
2017 Japan/Nagoya, Gallery Laura Junko Momiyama (S)
Edition/Basel 2017, Papermuseum, Print (G) Switzerland
Cultural Center Laufen (S) Switzerland
2016 Art Fair Basel, Liste 21 Kaskadenkondensator (G) Switzerland
Kunstverein/Museum der Stadt Schopfheim (S) Germany
Gallery Marc de Puechredon, Basel (S) Switzerland
Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf, Open Space Klär-Werk Lörick Germany
2015 Gallery Puechredon, Basel (G)
painting performance with mini-music, Symphony Orchestra Basel

Gallery Meta Weber, Krefeld (S)
E-Werk Freiburg (G)

Gallery Marc de Puechredon, Basel (G)
Gallery Amschatzhaus, Neuss (S)
Cultural Center FFFZ Ev.K. Düsseldorf (S)
Kunstkirche Elisabethen (Art Church), Basel (S)
2013 Gallery Puechredon, Basel (G)
Foyer University Psychiatric Clinics Basel (S)
Kunstkirche Christ-König (Art Church), Neuss (E)

Venice, Palazzo Albrizzi (G)
Kulturfabrik Krefeld (S)
Bunkerkirche Düsseldorf (S)
Villa Dutoit Genf (G)

E-Halle Basel/Art&Culture Projects (S)
Art Colony with artists from Serbia, Belgrad/Negotin (G)
Music-Festival Stevan Mokranjac, Negotin (G)
2009 Halle Usego Sierre (G)
2008 Kunsthalle Basel (G)
2005 große Kunstausstellung NRW, Düsseldorf (G)
2002 Cultural Center Laufen (S)
Gallery Schoeneck Riehen (G)
Municipal Art Gallery Villa Aichele, Lörrach (G)
2001 M54 Regionale Basel (G)
2000 Im Turm Cultural Forum Lutherkirche Cologne (S)
1998 Kunsthaus Baselland (G)
1997 Film-Funk-Fernsehzentrum Ev.K. Düsseldorf (S)
1994 Museum am Ostwall Dortmund (G)